About Us

The Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters is an international consortium of water expertise, including several institutions on five continents, seeking to promote a global water governance culture that incorporates peace, environmental protection, and human security.

 The Partnership’s core faculty members bring both theoretical expertise and practical experience applied to the management of shared waters. Their collective disciplinary training encompasses substantial knowledge of social, legal, economic and ecological systems from which diverse water governance cultures have evolved at multiple spatial scales, and continue to be reshaped. With an academic base, the Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters contributes to building long-term capacity toward peace, poverty alleviation, and sustainable management in transboundary water basins is by providing services for which we are uniquely adept; teaching, information and outreach resource development, and research.

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Mission Statement

Through the provision of education & training, outreach & information resources, and coordinated applied research, the Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters strives to enhance cooperation in shared water basins, promoting a global water governance culture which balances social, economic, and ecological needs, and works toward peace and poverty alleviation.

Partnership Programs
The Partnership provides innovative services for current and future transboundary water professionals to enhance cooperation among stakeholders in countries sharing surface and/or groundwater resources. Partnership services are designed and implemented within three focus area programs:

Education & Training – Specially designed courses and curriculum to educate and train a new generation of "transboundary waters champions" with management skills embracing equity, cooperation, sustainability, and consensus.

Outreach & Information Resources – Web-based, consolidated, multiscalar information tailored to the needs of multiple stakeholder groups, to enhance understanding and awareness of transboundary water issues.

Coordinated Applied Research – Multidisciplinary collaborative studies on cutting edge-issues, conducted by international research teams to promote north-south and east-west dialogue and build a common understanding of the global challenge of transboundary waters governance.


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