Outreach & Information Resources Program

The Outreach & Information Resources program builds institutional capacity to distribute distinctive, accurate, relevant, and credible information among stakeholders and to the public, in order to raise awareness and understanding of the complexity of managing shared water resources at multiple scales. The primary objective of the Outreach & Information Resources program is to consolidate information and data on transboundary basins at multiple spatial scales, and to make it available for use in different user-driven formats. Specific projects include the creation of:

    A global hydrodiplomacy database of consolidated, compatible, and credible biophysical, socioeconomic, and geopolitical data. • Communication networks linking transboundary waters academics, professionals, students, and sister watersheds.
    Interactive information technology tools to aid in decision-making and education for students and the public.

Global Hydrodiplomacy Database
The Hydrodiplomacy Database builds upon the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database, (www.transboundarywaters.orst.edu)(TFDD), a project of the Oregon State University Department of Geosciences, in collaboration with the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering.

The TFDD currently includes: a digital map of the world’s international watersheds; a searchable compilation of nearly 450 international freshwater agreements and 39 US interstate compacts, along with the full text of each; an annotated bibliography of the state of the art of water conflict resolution, including approximately 1,000 entries; negotiating notes (primary or secondary) from fourteen detailed case-studies of water conflict resolution; a comprehensive news file of all reported cases of international water-related disputes and dispute resolution (1948-2005); and descriptions of indigenous/traditional methods of water dispute resolution.


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