Coordinated Applied Research Program

The Coordinated Applied Research program utilizes a strategic and selective research agenda to develop a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of transboundary water resources, transferring that knowledge to the field, the classroom, and to the design of transboundary waters information resources. In this way, the Partnership’s research program will foster new efforts to bridge the gap between knowledge, practice, and policy, while nurturing north-south and east-west dialogue.

Each year, interdisciplinary research teams composed of experts within and outside the Partnership gather to collaborate on pressing transboundary waters research topics such as conflict prevention & resolution, resource allocations, multi-scalar dynamics, and institutions & governance.

The Partnership’s core faculty members offer research services on transboundary waters issues, drawing upon their collective expertise, as well as that of their extended network of active policy makers and researchers.

Research services include:

• Regional research teams
• Position papers
• Independent reviews and assessments
• Hydrodiplomacy and negotiation advising

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