Presentations from Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters Stakeholder Participation Workshop:

(The highlighted text below links to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.)

Case Study: Lempa River (Basin Commissioners)
Presenters - Carlos David Flores, Juan Carlos, Jose Luis Pineda

Case Study: Okavango River (Basin Commissioners)
Presenters -- Isidrio Pinheiro, Stephan de Wet, & Kalaote Kalaote

Case Study: San Juan River (Basin Commissioners)
Presenters - Juan Jose Romero & Rigoberto Lopez

Case Study: North America (Basin Commissioners)
Presenters - Guillermo Chavez & Teresa Salmeron; Gonzalo Bravo

Opening Talk: Participation in Catchment Management in Zimbabwe
Presenter - Emmanuel Manzungu

Session I: Jordan River Case Study - Issues of Lack of Stakeholder Participation
Presenter - Munther Haddadin

Session II: Institutional Aspects of International Water Management: Involvement of International Organizations
Presenters - Mikiyasu Nakayama & Hiromi Yamaguchi

Session III: Decision Support Tools and Decision-making
Presenter - John Bolte

Session IV: Consensus Workshops/Conferences
Presenter - Denise Lach (OSU)

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